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Gerard O’Connells Awesome MKII Turbo Escort

This is a stunning MKII Escort running a Smith and Jones alloy YB engine. The Turbo Kit and Control system designed, supplied and fitted by us at TDP.  The car features a full MoTeC M1 M150 ECU controlling the full power train.  The car has all the systems you would expect.  Launch Control, Traction Control, Anti Lag, Closed-loop boost control, Closed-loop fueling control, Closed-loop gear control.  Its aslo had a DRS and active braking rear wing setup to aid top-end speed and stopping power.  Have a look at it tackling this Hill Climb.

Thanks to HillClimb Monsters for the Video.

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SFA Irish Independent I-MAG article on TDP

Team Left to right. Stephen Brady, Bob Stevens, Robert Thornton, Joanna Thornton, Christopher Costello. Click on Link Image to go to the I-Mag article.


Text form the article printed on the 4th March 2015 in the Irish Independent below.              


At full throttle: Engineering firm taps into keen market

Specialising in mechanical engineering for the motor sport industry, has tapped into a very keen international market for its engines and suspension systems

TDP Releases the Nissan 370z Front Suspension Kit

We are delighted to announce another amazing kit designed by this time, for the Nissan 370z.     The kit follows on from the success of the Nissan S-body & R-body front kits.   We will start taking orders for this on the 9th December.  

Darren Kelly from New Zealand Topping the D1NZ Championship using the R-Body Front Kit from

Darren Kelly Drift uses our R-Body Front Kit from TDP and is now topping the points in the D1NZ championship. Click here to check out one of his awesome solo runs. You can see how precise the steering is allowing him to keep the throttle on as much as possible. Great run Darren Good luck from the […]