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MoTeC M4

The M4 is our 4 cylinder/rotary Engine Management System (ECU) designed to provide you with the power and quality of our Pro series but at lower cost by letting you option in only the features you require. It is designed primarily for performance street cars & bikes but by choosing the optional features it is […]


710 ECU up to 12 cylinder sequential fueling and up to 12 cylinder coil-per-plug ignition   Professional level Engine Management System Suitable for up to 12 cylinder engines Up to 12 cylinder distributorless (DIS) or 6 cylinder ‘coil on plug’ ignition with no external amplifiers Up to 12 cylinder ‘coil on plug’ ignition using external […]

OMEX 600 Ecu

600 ECU up to 4 cylinder Semi-sequential fuelling and DIS ignition, up to 8 cyl Batch fuelling and single coil ignition   Semi-sequential fuel injection for up to 4 cylinder engines Grouped injection for up to 8 cylinders Distributorless ignition for up to 4 cylinders Distributor ignition for up to 8 cylinders Programmable load and […]


The HKS F-Con iS is the latest evolution of HKS’ piggy-back engine management systems. The iS features the same proven fuel and timing control as the SZ and S, but also incorporates data correction for close-loop A/F feedback from the factory Oxygen Sensor. Also CPU performance has been improved by 25%. Feature list coming soon

HKS F-Con V Pro

HKS PRO System are high-level engine management systems that are only available through HKS Certified Pro Dealers. HKS Certified Pro Dealers are a select group who have met HKS’ strict criteria to tune vehicles with HKS’ Power Writer Software. All HKS Pro Dealers have been trained by HKS, and have a Dynomometer in house. The […]


200 ECU up to 4 cylinder DIS ignition, up to 8 cyl single coil ignition European type approved (‘e’ marked) for legal use on road vehicles Distributorless ignition for up to 4 cylinders Single coil distributor ignition for up to 8 cylinders Supports twin plug systems Programmable load and speed sites TPS or MAP can […]