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Engine mapping on the Dynapack at TDP.ie

2 wheel drive Escort Sprint on the Dynapack at TDP.ie Featuring the Haltech i-C7 Dash Display and is now fitted with a Link ECU G4+ STORM and TDP wiring loom. Watch to see our Bespoke Wiring loom from TDP.ie made in-house and some Anti-Lag testing.   Check us on Facebook and Instagram also: https://www.facebook.com/tdpie1/ https://www.instagram.com/tdpie/

Gerard O’Connells Awesome MKII Turbo Escort

This is a stunning MKII Escort running a Smith and Jones alloy YB engine. The Turbo Kit and Control system designed, supplied and fitted by us at TDP.  The car features a full MoTeC M1 M150 ECU controlling the full power train.  The car has all the systems you would expect.  Launch Control, Traction Control, Anti Lag, Closed-loop boost control, Closed-loop fueling control, Closed-loop gear control.  Its aslo had a DRS and active braking rear wing setup to aid top-end speed and stopping power.  Have a look at it tackling this Hill Climb.

Thanks to HillClimb Monsters for the Video.

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