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Trackday Performance operate a Dynapack 8000 evolution series chassis dynomometer in custom built dyno cell. This 4wd system can operate as a 2wd or 4wd system and handle for 30 bhp to 2400 bhp at the hubs

What is Dynapack

Dynapack chassis dynamometers are such a radical departure from the stereotypical roller dyno that it really is in a class of its own.

Most of the previous assumptions made about traditional dynamometers simply do not apply to the Dynapackâ„¢ series. In fact, you will discover that we give you tools and capabilities that have previously been thought impossible to achieve on a chassis dyno.

Dynapack allows you to quickly and accurately measure engine, drive line and other performance data, with previously unseen sensitivity.

Dynapack attaches directly to the axle(s), thereby overcoming all the disadvantages of tyre distortion including noise, torque steer, loss of traction, Tyre heat and design variations in the tyre.

Precise engine results – no inertia to mask faults
Repeatable – accurate back to back runs within 0.3%
Portability – on and off site
Stress free – 2 to 30 sec. runs for all data types.
Minimal noise level – no tyre interface
Virtually no installation and running costs
Cost effective – chassis and engine dyno capable
Flexible, easy to use software

Dynapack controls the car – Not the other way around

How is Dynapack different ?

The first and most obvious difference is the elimination of the tyre to roller interface on a traditional roller dyno. The Dynapack eliminates this variable by using a variable fit hub adapter that provides direct coupling to our power absorption units. There can be no tyre slip, no rolling resistance, and no chance of the vehicle separating from the dynamometer at high speeds. Notice that we call this a variable. Tyre temperature, tyre pressure, tyre traction, etc. are all variables that can change not only from run to run, but during the run as well.

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