*** This page is currently under construction. Not all categories are complete at present. ***

Here are some examples of cars tuned on our DynaPack 8000 Evolution chassis dyno.

Click on the Manufacturer/Model for more information. This is a very small sample of cars that we have done. If you would like to see an example of a specific car type, please e-mail the office and we can arrange to send some examples on to you.


Honda B-Series
Honda K-Series
Honda F-Series & H-Series

Evo I – III
Evo IV – VII
Evo VIII +

Nissan Skyline GTS, GTS-t and GT-T (RB20 and RB25)
Nissan Skyline GT-R (RB26)
Nissan Silvia (CA18 and SR20)

Impreza 93-01
Impreza 02+

Toyota Chaser
Toyota Supra

On the Dyno Today…