HKS F-Con V Pro

HKS PRO System are high-level engine management systems that are only available through HKS Certified Pro Dealers. HKS Certified Pro Dealers are a select group who have met HKS’ strict criteria to tune vehicles with HKS’ Power Writer Software. All HKS Pro Dealers have been trained by HKS, and have a Dynomometer in house.

The HKS F-CON V Pro is a fully featured standalone engine management system that connects as easily as a “piggy-back” fuel and timing controller. As modifications to a vehicle are made, the need for fuel and timing adjustments becomes critical for performance and safety. The F-CON V Pro with its 32×32 resolution for both fuel and timing maps is the optimal solution. The F-CON V Pro can control up to eight injectors and D Jetro or L Jetro setups. — Injectors can be set to fire as batch, sequentially or staged. The F-CON V Pro can also read drive by wire vehicles. Programming is done via the HKS Power Writer software; which only Certified HKS Pro Dealers have access to. The HKS Power Writer software for the F-CON V Pro has some very unique abilities to simplify setup and tuning. Via the vehicle start up menus most Japanese import cars can be easily started by selecting the vehicle’s parameters (Make, Model, Engine and etc). Tuning is simplified due to the A/F Feedback control; where a target A/F value can be input and the F-CON V Pro will adjust fuel automatically. Also full data logging capabilities are built into the F-Con V Pro Power Writer software. All major vehicle conditions including; speed, rpm, water temperature, intake temperature, timing, boost, injector duty cycle and etc can be logged to an HKS Pro Dealer’s computer.

Features includes:

· 32 bit processing
· 32 x 32 map resolution
· Plug and play harness available for most vehicle applications
· F-conV Pro is transferable between vehicles. Reprogramming via a HKS Power Writer Shop will be required.
· Closed loop A/F feedback auto-mapping function
· 8 definable fuel and ignition maps
· Map sensor, throttle position and AFM bases mapping.
· Independent control of up to 8 injectors
· Twin injector adaptor for control of 12 injectors
· Low and High impedance injector drivers
· Extensive control of ignition outputs
· Primary and secondary ignition control
· Individual cylinder fuel and ignition trim
· Extensive trim functions including EGT, fuel pressure and knock.
· 2 stage user definable rev limiter. Maximum 20,000rpm rev limit.
· Full ISCV control
· Advanced ignition cut and fuel cut control

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