OMEX 600 Ecu

600 ECU up to 4 cylinder Semi-sequential fuelling and DIS ignition, up to 8 cyl Batch fuelling and single coil ignition


Semi-sequential fuel injection for up to 4 cylinder engines

Grouped injection for up to 8 cylinders
Distributorless ignition for up to 4 cylinders
Distributor ignition for up to 8 cylinders
Programmable load and speed sites
TPS or MAP can be used for main load sensing
Wide range of crank trigger patterns are suitable (user programmable)
Turbo wastegate control
Turbo anti-lag system
Variable cam control
Traction control (Software upgrade coming soon)
Narrow and wide band lambda support
Push/pull, and single line idle controls in addition to scattered spark control
Knock sensing capability3 programmable outputs switched on user controlled inputs (eg boost, coolant temp etc)
Security protected calibrations
Full throttle gearchange
Intercooler water spray control
Water injection control
Nitrous ignition retard and fuel enrichment
Two cooling fan controls
Barometric compensation with external sensor
Uses the latest version of the superb MAP2000 Windows programming software
Suitable for normally aspirated or boosted engines
Inbuilt independent fuel and ignition rev limiters
Separate Tachometer, Shift Light and Fuel Pump outputs
Magnetic or Hall Effect crank and cam sensors
Automatic interpolation between mapped sites
Sophisticated acceleration fuelling setup
Various harness options from economical semi-assembled to full race quality bespoke looms
Battery voltage compensation table for fuel injectors (not just a simple number)
Battery compensation and engine speed compensation for coil charge time
Mappable coolant temperature compensation for engine warm-up
Air & coolant temperature compensation for fuel injection pulse width
Separate cold cranking and decay tables in addition to warm-up fuelling
User settable ignition trim based on air temperature, coolant temperature, and barometric pressure
Separate start advance for cranking provides easy starting for high compression engines
Deceleration fuel cut-off feature for road engines
Maximum recommended engine speed 12,750 RPM