MoTeC M800 Plug and Play

MoTeC is pleased to announce the release of its latest plug and play engine management system for the Mitsubishi Evolution IX.

Just like the earlier MoTeC plug and play units for previous Evo and STi models, these powerful systems are based on the internationally acclaimed M800 ECU and are designed to use the vehicle’s existing wiring, with no need to remove or add sensors.

With an impressive package of standard features and a multitude of racebred options, MoTeC’s M800 plug and play system delivers maximum tuning flexibility and complete control of factory-managed functions, including Mitsubishi’s continuously variable inlet cam timing.
Upgrades such as single or dual Wideband Lambda, Logging, Pro Analysis and Advanced Functions can be activated at any time using a simple password system. Overrun Boost Enhancement (Anti-Lag) can be enabled as part of Advanced Functions – which includes Launch Control and Gear Change Ignition Cut for full throttle shifts – or it may be nominated as a stand-alone upgrade.

As with all MoTeC products, software is free and when new versions are released online they can be downloaded from the MoTeC software website at no cost to keep the ECU up to date with the latest developments.

Each unit has a two year warranty and comes with 8 hours of free Wideband Lambda and Logging to assist with initial set up and tuning. Technical support is ongoing and MoTeC ECU training courses are conducted regularly to help users maximise the potential of their system.

Also available are plug’n’play replacements for Mitsubishi EVO 4-8 and Subaru WRX/STi 5-8 models.


Customised with OEM connectors, these unique replacement boards eliminate the need for adaptor looms and, because they fit straight into the factory ECU box, there’s no extra hardware to mount. They provide a convenient and cost effective solution for high performance tuning of road, race or rally vehicles.

MoTeCs Evo and STi ECUs deliver complete control of the factory-managed functions, including Subaru’s sophisticated continuously variable cam timing, with optional features such as data logging and dual Lambda for maximum functionality.


While MoTeC has been producing plug and play ECUs for many years, they are inconspicuous when fitted and have gone relatively unnoticed. There is no distinctive gold box on show but these units deliver all the benefits you would expect from a MoTeC system. Testament to that is their success on several top rally teams around the world.

MoTeC intends to expand the range of plug and play ECUs to cater for other popular models in future.