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IN Car “Mull Rally 2019” David Bogie and John Rowan 3rd Overall

A fantastic drive from David Bogie with John Rowan. We seen the pair finish 3rd overall, in conditions which did not favour the 2nd Escort.  The “Ultimate Escort” did not disappoint those who saw it in full flight on the Isle of Mull.


TDP Customer and general mad-man Frank Kelly in “Baby Blue” at Rally Legends 2019

Frank and Lauren Kelly having a blast in San Remo at Rally Legends 2019.

The Millington Diamond Series 2+ Powered Escort is controlled by a Link G4+ Fury ECU and mapped by Robbie here on the Dynapack chassis Dyno.

David Bogie testing the “Ultimate MKII Escort” with “Power Train Control” from TDP

David Bogie testing his Ultimate MKII Escort out in preparations for the Mull Rally.

Look at this thing GO.


Thanks to Calum Shanks for the Video