TDP win the Time Attack ‘v’ Race Cars Event in Mondello

Yesterday up against stiff competition form true race cars the Team Reigned supreme.

From the very first session it was clear that TDP EVO was going to the hard to beat. A confident Brendan Stone was straight into the 59 seconds bracket in the practice session. Robbie was going Ok in the GTR also with a good 60.3 when he saw an opportunity for a very quick lap he took it. Unfortunately the dive shaft could not handle the toque of the GTR driven in proper anger and gave up. As it was only a fun day out a spare was not packed. Brian Sexton was also flying in his JOMO Engineering car Mapped by TDP in practice he pipped Robbie by just 0.1 of a second.

In the Qualifying session Brendan was confused by a temp warning that was later found to be a temp sensor fault. This still did not stop him in doing a 59.4 seconds lap. He was just pipped by the lotus of Pat McBennet on his 18th lap with a time of 59.3 seconds.
Dean Reilly in his Club Class Ek Civic powered by the TDP K20A engine set a new Lap Record 1:02.8 seconds. Well done Dean.
Chris McConnon with his new MoTeC M4 and Brembo Brakes supplied and setup buy TDP took a full 1 second off his previous lap time. You have joined the winning team.

In the final Brian Sexton did a 60.052 second lap and set the pace. Brendan was up next and stopped the clock with a blistering 59.311 second run. Last was the Lotus of McBennet on his flying lap he manged a very respectable time of 59.972 seconds.

For the 3rd consecutive time Brendan Stone took the TDP EVO VI to the Top of the Podium. May his success continue.

Here is the In Car Video form the Final