JapFeast @ Mondello 08

On Sunday 7th September 2008 the www.TDP.ie Skyline GTR R32 driven by Robbie Thornton was the only car to have a Podium Finish in both Time Attack and Drag Sprint.

In the drag sprint Robbie was able to get the R32 off the line cleanly enough to see off even the stiffest competition. Beating the Endless R32 DragCar buy a convincing amount in the Quarter finals. The Endless car is a formidable opponent with 1000 bhp and is currently leading its class in the HKS Drag Series. Robbie cam up against Martin Tracey for the 3rd time in Mondello and made his first mistake of the day by missing a gear. The GTR soon used it amazing pace to catch up and beet Martin in what was an great race for both drivers.

In the TimeAttack Robbie was unlucky to have his hot lap ruined by a visiting car from the UK. Even after leaving the tarmac to avoid the slower car he still managed to put in a quick enough lap for 2nd place.

The John Stone Racing EP3 which uses a TDP designed K20A Engine, Wossner Pistons, Con Rods, Motec ECU and Data Logger came 4th over all 1st in NA Class and Won the Pro NA Class this year. Well done to John (Manager) Brendan (Driver) and friends of the team. It was a pleasure working with you tram.

Also a big well done to Dean Riley in the Club Class with his K20 power civic which was tuned and mapped on the Dynapack by Robbie. TDP also did the suspension setup on this car and in the 2 Rounds it has attended it has been 1st both times.

Well done to Sonny Boyd of CDA who took the win on the day.

Here are some videos of the Drag Sprints and the Time Attack.

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