This versatile and adaptable firmware package is designed to operate turbocharged, port-injected, 4 cylinder gasoline engines with strategies tailored specifically to Rallycross. It complies with the FIA Regulations for 2014 Rallycross cars.

The package incorporates many ancillary features such as anti-lag, driver switches (launch enable, boost trim etc.), knock control, launch control, chassis logging (steering), gearbox coolant pumps, boost control utilising turbo speed, and anti-jerk. Four definable control outputs are also available for additional needs.

MoTeC’s FIA Rallycross package can be used with M130 and M150 ECUs.

Features (see Datasheet for full feature list)

  • Configurable synchronisation modes accommodate most popular modern engines
  • Supplied sensor calibrations cater for many common automotive sensors
  • Configurable Top Dead Centre position for each cylinder
  • Configurable ignition output pin for each cylinder
  • Configurable on-board knock
  • Configurable boost control for a single turbo
  • Configurable anti-lag for a single turbo
  • Configurable anti-jerk
  • Configurable throttle bypass control for common systems, e.g. Tibuc


MoTeC’s M1 FIA Rallycross package complies with FIA Article 279 – 2014 (Technical Regulations for Rallycross Cars).

Specifically, the following strategies and features are not present in the package:

  • GPS support
  • Variable intake geometry
  • Water injection
  • Intercooler spray
  • Traction control
  • Drive by Wire throttles
  • Variable valve timing

The following strategies and features are present in the package, but for testing purposes only. They must be disabled/disconnected for race events:

  • Gear position
  • Wheel speed



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