Honda Accord SIR-T

Here is the results of a Honda Accord SIR-t with 2.0 liter F20B engine. The cars has the following modification. Skunk 2 Stage 1 pro series cam shafts. Skunk tuner series cam gears. Apex’i Neo Air fuel controller. AEM V 2 short ram intake. Unspecified cat back exhaust.

The cars had the cams and fueling set on the Dynapack for max torque and response rather than high end horse power as the cars is road driven.

This Image is of the Calculated Fly wheel Torque ( Left side ) and Fly wheel BHP ( Right side ). ( These figures are for reference only are are accurate to +/- 5% )


This Image is of the Axel Torque ( Left side ) and Axel BHP ( Right side ). ( These figures are accurate to within +/- 0.1 %)