99 Toyota Glanza V

Here are the results for a Glanza V that was tuned at TDP using the HKS F-Con SV.

The car has the following modifications: cat-back exhaust, air filter, front mount intercooler, boost controller and a HKS F-ConSV.

This Image is of the Calculated Flywheel Torque (left side) and Flywheel BHP (right side). (These figures are for reference only are are accurate to +/- 5%)

(Click Image to Enlarge)gt-fly.jpg


This Image is of the Axle Torque (left side) and Axle BHP (right side). (These figures are accurate to within +/- 0.1 %)

(Click Image to Enlarge)gt-axel.jpg


This Image is of the boost and vacuum 
(Click Image to Enlarge)gt-boost.jpg