Trackday Performance Tdp Customers take honours all round this weekend at IDC

Round 1 IDC 2014 Mondello Park

Congratulations to Paul Murphy, Dean Carney and Wesley Keating, great driving as all 3 of our TDP customers take home 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

In Pro class Paul Murphy drove his way from 2nd place qualifier to the top of the podium in his first day out since he rebuilt the S14 that we built for him in 2011. With our new TDP RB25DET intake manifold Paul was not short of power. He had some tough battles but kept his head all the time and even pulled off a flawless overtake on Alan Mccord to gain his place in the Great 8. Dean Kearney of Formula Drift fame was driving the m.g crash repairs Dublin S15 with RB25DET engine. The car was on loan from Mark Gaffney and Dean adapted to it quickly and progressed through the battles. He tried as hard as he could in the final but Paul was on form and had to settle for 2nd place. Team-WKD-Imports boss Wesley Keating drove his Nankang Tyre Drift Team 180sx like a man possessed. The little SR217 engine had it all to do to keep up with the big power 6 cylinder cars. He battled hard with Paul but had to settle for 3rd place.