TDP win Round 4 of the Mondello Time Attack

On Sunday the 12th July 2009, the TDP team returned to the Mondello National circuit.

The track was dry when we arrived but the clouds were looming.  In the practice session, Robbie, in the TDP R32 GTR, went out to test the suspension set-up as it had been altered for some drag racing. He managed to set the fastest time for that session of 1:00.313. Early in the day, Brendan, in the TDP EVO VI, had an issue with a dash warning and decided to go into the pit and check the problem. After looking at the data-logging, it was found to be an engine stall under braking and he was given the green light to go in the next qualifying session. The suspension was adjusted on the TDP R32 GTR after a quick look at the tyres.

Next, was Qualifying session 1.  Robbie went out first, and on lap 2, put in a 1:01.092. On the next lap, he got an alternator warning, followed by a coolant temperature warning. He pitted immediately and found that the warnings were from the alternator & water pump belt leaving the engine bay.  A TDP staff member was straight off to get a new belt. Brendan managed a 1:01.184 before going off into the gravel trap at the S bends.

The beginning of Qualifying 2 was a disaster for Team TDP, as the EVO was still being de-graveled and the GTR was sitting waiting on a fan belt. The fan belt arrived, and Robbie got it fitted and was straight out on track. The conditions were very greasy and the GTR’s active 4 wd system came into is own. Robbie set a blistering time on the damp greasy track. He managed a 1:00.106, a full 2.2 seconds ahead of everyone else! This was the fastest time of the day.

With 15 mins to the final, the heavens opened, and the rain was torrential. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, both Robbie and Brendan headed out on track. The GTR’s wide tyres were floating on the water, and could not mange any better than a 1:12.023 lap. Brendan stayed out as it was drying slowly. On lap 8, near the end of the session, Brendan managed a 1:08.941 lap.  Good enough for the win by 0.6 seconds.

Well done Brendan (Animal) Stone.

In club class, Dean Riley, in the EK Civic with a TDP K20A Engine and MoTeC ECU mapped on our Dynapack was flying.  He was having some problems, with suspected water in the fuel, and his car had suffered from slight misfiring all day. Before the final, Robbie got Dean to drain the fuel and fill the car up with fuel we had brought with us. Robbie cleaned the plugs and checked the logging.  He did not find a real problem but was sure with the fresh fuel it would be ok.  It was, and Dean stormed to winning his class, and achieving a 4th place overall.

Well done to all involved in team TDP, and the efforts put in behind the scenes.

Also well done to Brian Sexton in the JOMO Engineering EVO mapped by TDP on another Podium finish.

Brendan at the wheel of the TDP EVO VI

Both the TDP EVO and GTR use the Kumho V70a tyres. They are simply the best all round solution for this class.