Elite Race Expansion Module (REM) 16 Injector Universal Upgrade Wire-in Harness Length 2.5m (8′)


Part Number: HT-142001

Availability: 1 week
LENGTH: 2.5m (8′)
OUTPUTS: Up to 8 injectors and auxillary I/O.
SUITS: Universal 1 – 12 cylinder or 2-4 rotor applications. Up to 16 sequential injector upgrade.
INCLUDES: Universal upgrade wire-in harness with 75A SSR, USB programming cable and USB software key.
NOTES: Used to add an Elite REM to an exisiting Elite 2500 installation. DBW function not available when used in combination with a REM. 8 individual ignition coil ready when used with optional HT-130306, HT-130311, HT-130312 or HT-130313.

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