MoTeC M1 Development


    The release of M1 Build signals a new era for engine management customisation. No longer are you restricted to merely modifying the parameters made available via a tuning application. If a new strategy is required to give you the competitive edge, then the combination of an M1 Development ECU* and an M1 Build Development Toolkit is ideal for you.


    What is M1 Build?

    M1 Build is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used to generate MoTeC’s M1 ECU packages.  M1 Build allows customers to open existing projects, and customise them to suit their specific needs.

    How is M1 Build used?

    Using M1 Build, developers can drag, drop and configure predefined modules to generate their tailored ECU package. Additional strategies can be developed to further customise your project.

    What can M1 Build do?

    M1 Build creates an ECU package that includes the unique strategies developed by you for your application. When completed, the resultant customisations can immediately be tested in the vehicle.


    M1 Build – Creating competitive advantage.

    MoTeC provides fully functional example projects within the M1 Build Development Toolkit.
    Extend the example projects with custom strategies, such as:

    • Create bespoke launch control strategies that take advantage of your vehicles drivetrain.
    • Create a traction control strategy that can be calibrated per venue.
    • The tailoring options are limitless.

    To create competitive advantage with M1 Build, you can either write your own unique strategy, or use a third party M1 developer to do so. There is even the option to have your local MoTeC office do the customisations.

    M1 Build – Modern vehicle integration.

    Aftermarket engine management system manufacturers are quickly learning that it is no longer possible for a dealer to install a replacement ECU for a modern car using the usual menu based tuning applications.  With this issue holding back replacement ECU’s for modern cars, it has fallen back to the ECU manufacturer to build car specific hardware and firmware for each new vehicle that they release. This is leaving a large hole in the market where there are no aftermarket ECU’s that can run many new cars.
    After identifying this arising problem, MoTeC created M1 Build, which allows rapid ECU development for modern vehicles. MoTeC used M1 Build to create the M1 Nissan R35 GT-R and
    M1 Toyota 86 packages, and now you can use this powerful tool also.

    M1 Build – Onsell your intellectual property.

    MoTeC sells M1 Development ECU’s* on which you can load your customised package to onsell around the world. This means M1 developers can build their own vehicle specific ECU, which could be the only ECU replacement option available.
    Approved M1 Partner Packages will be linked to MoTeC’s website list of available packages.


    To write firmware for M1 ECU’s.

    M1 Build is the MoTeC M1 ECU integrated development environment.
    M1 Build software, some sample projects and a great deal of documentation is available to be downloaded from the MoTeC website. This software is freely available to evaluate this new environment, and develop an understanding of this amazing new technology.
    When you decide to become a M1 Build developer, order your M1 Build Development Toolkit from a MoTeC dealer. This toolkit allows creation of finished packages from M1 Build. These packages can be loaded onto an M1 Development ECU*.

    To use firmware created by an M1 developer.

    Use the M1 ECU Hardware Technical Note to determine which M1 ECU is right for your application. Choose from hardware with:

    • Direct Injection or Port Injection
    • Millspec or plastic connectors
    • Compact or high pin count cases

    Order your required M1 ECU, and an M1 Development Package Licence from your MoTeC dealer.

    * M1 Development ECU is an M1 ECU with an M1 Development Package Licence.