New Nissan S-Body complete front suspension kit. Preview

We have been involved in drifting for a very long time. Over this time we have pushed the boundaries year after year with our ” Championship Winning Engine Mapping”. Now are engine and turbo package’s are pushing it even further. We have come to the point that for our customers to get best out of the engine and mapping packages they need better suspension geometry setups.

We have been working on various ways of making a better designed front steering setup. We have had great results from modifying the sub frame and hubs to allow for more lock. Now we need to push further to reduce “ackerman” angle and camber change on the wheels at high lock angles while still maintaining maximum grip in a straight line for braking.

To achieve all of our goals we started with a clean slate. We would design everything needed from scratch.

To do this we started by using our “Microscribe MX” portable “CMM” to measure all the necessary points and attributes on a Nissan S Body.

Here you can see the “Microscribe MX” portable “CMM” setup in the center of the wheel arch were it can reach all pints to be measured.


In the next series of Images you will see how the”Microscribe MX” portable “CMM” arm articulates to measure the various positions and pint and faces.

Once all the desired point are measured we get a 3 Veiws of the Job that we can use to create the Solid-model.

We then spent weeks designing all the parts and then adjusting the different point to get the geometry we wanted.

The final results looks like this.

58-59 Degrees of lock with a 18″x10″j with 255 40 18″ Tyre and up to 67 Degrees lock with a 18″or17″x8″j with 225 40 18″ Tyre.

A view from the front with 18″9.5″J ET12 Rota GTR-D 59 Degrees of lock on the steering wheel.

A view form behind the wheel showing the clearance on the lower arm.

The main Kit Components.

The billet aluminium hub with EN24T bearing spindle.

A veiw form the underside showing the lock angle and correct “akerman” angle for this lock.

The pricing on the kits will be announced on the 1st February and order will be taken then on a first come first delivered basis. All kits ordered in the first week of February will be ready to install before the end of February.

If you would like more information or to be e-mailed when the pricing is released please e-mail your details stating interest in the Kit to



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