Research and Development

Continual research and development has kept MoTeC at the leading edge of aftermarket engine management technology for over two decades. This is particularly evident in the latest generationECUs—the M400, M600, M800 and M880—which offer a number of sophisticated tuning features, including: continuously variable camshaft control, drive by wire throttle control, Ref/Sync trigger capture and 4D tuning tables.

Environmental Protection

All MoTeC ECUs are robotically assembled and dipped in liquid silicone, ensuring the components and circuit board are fully encapsulated. This military grade coating protects the surface-mounted technology from environmental contamination such as moisture and dust, while improving resistance to vibration.

Sealed connectors with gold plated contacts enhance connection reliability, reducing the chance of erroneous sensor readings which can lead to engine damage.

Computing Power

The powerful 32-bit processor delivers the computing power to update all calculations fast. This allows a number of complex control functions to be run simultaneously to guarantee smooth engine running at high RPMs.

Updatable Software

MoTeC ECUs can be updated with the latest software features at any time. The most recent software releases can be downloaded free of charge.

Switch Mode Injector Drivers

MoTeC ECUs use a switch mode injector drive circuit which allows low ohm injectors to be driven with maximum efficiency. This reduces the current draw from the vehicle and minimises heat generated in the ECU, which ultimately means better reliability.

Advanced Diagnostics

The diagnostics monitoring system helps to detect and locate faults within injectors, wiring and sensors, allowing problems to be fixed quickly. The optional logging function further enhances the system’s diagnostic capabilities.

Digital Signal Processing of Crank and Cam Signals

MoTeC ECUs are compatible with most OEM trigger sensors, including magnetic, Hall and optical, reducing installation cost and time. Crank and cam sensor signals can be recorded to assist in calibrating sensor characteristics.

Programmable filtering and trigger levels eliminate the effects of noise and possible false triggering. Advanced diagnostics warn of false signals caused by improper filter or trigger level settings.

Continuously Variable Cam Control

The ‘hundred series’ ECUs provide the capability to control continuously variable camshaft timing using factory trigger wheels and sensors. Up to four cams can be independently adjusted in 0.5 degree increments based on RPM and load. This allows users to optimise engine tuning across a wide range of operating conditions to achieve better high end performance and low speed torque. Other benefits include enhanced idle, fuel economy and emissions control.

Drive by Wire Throttle Control

Drive by wire throttle technology uses an electronic motor instead of the traditional mechanical cable systems to move the throttle plate. The ECU interprets input from the driver via sensors located on the pedal and controls the throttle actuator. It is possible to adjust the relation between driver input and throttle position based on other sensors like vehicle speed or gear. The ‘hundred series’ ECUs cater for this high-tech function and are compatible with most OEM drive by wire units.

Trigger Capture ‡

MoTeC’s Ref/Sync trigger capture feature allows the crank and cam signals to be recorded and displayed on a built-in digital oscilloscope. This is an invaluable tool for checking the integrity of the Ref and Sync signals.

4D Tuning Tables ‡

4D fuel and ignition tables allow sophisticated engine mapping based on any three channels, for example RPM, throttle and manifold pressure.

‡ These features are available on all ‘hundred series’ ECUs using Version 3 software.


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