Evo VI Race Car Build

The EVO VI formally known as “T30EV0” and “99WW4765” in the last two years has now retired form its life of a road car to become something else. This car will now be competing in all forms of track based racing from Time Attack, Saloon Libra to Rally sprints as a rally-cross car.

Here is a quick walk around video of finished car.

The Spec,

1999 Lancer EVO VI GSR,
Custom cage T45 WRC Cage. Sparco Touring Seat, Sparco 6 Point harness, 2.5 KG Fire Eater.
Proflex WRC Jumbo, Suspension, Soon to be 100% rose jointed links. 380mm Front Brake Rotors, Lucas/Gilling TI Calipers.
Lexan door windows.
TDP Sleeved block 86.5mm. Wossner Forged Pistons, Wossner Forged Connecting Rods. WRC Crank,
TDP CNC Head for E85, HKS 280 Step 3 cams, HKS GT3040 turbo charger, HKS 45mm Waste gate.
HKS 3037 Exhaust Manifold. Exedy twin plate clutch. TDP Custom Inter cooler pipes, TDP Custom Exhaust.
MoTeC M400Pro Engine Management, MoTeC SDL Dash Logger, MoTeC Shift Light module, MoTeC 20hz GPS Receiver.
MoTeC BR2 Beacon Receiver.
Wheels & Tyres
Compomotive MO 18x10J Toyo R888 265 40 18

We will post up in the calender section which events the car will be at.

The first thing was a complete interior strip. Then we fitted a Custom Cages T45 WRC Cage. See Bellow.

Then we had the cage painted gloss white. See Bellow

After that we reinstalled the dash shell, seat, and safety devices. Bellow are pictures of the car finished.