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“ Championship Winning Mapping” once again dominates the 2011 Prodrift Championships standings.

Here are the point standings for the Pro and Semi Pro from the 2011 Prodrift Championship. We have added an extra column on the far right called  This Colum indicated the Drivers who have had there cars Mapped at TDP. It also indicates the cars that are not from The Republic of Ireland. In the Pro Class out of 30 […]

2010 Prodrift End of Year Standings.

Prodrift Ireland – 2010 End of Year Standings All drivers marked in red had their cars mapped at TDP. Pro Seed Championship 1.  James Deane  (138 points) 2. Nigel Colfer (103 points) 3. Alan Sinnott (86 points) 4. Mike Deane (84 points) 5. Christy Carpenter (75 points) 6. Gavin Lenihan (68 points) 7. Mike Fitzgerald […]

Congratulations to Team WKD

TDP would like to congratulate Team WKD on their victory at the first round of the 2009 ProDrift series in Ennis. The final battle saw two of Team WKD’s drivers, Nigel Colfer and Johnny Power, facing each other. It was very close, but Johnny P miscalculated a manoeuvre, resulting in contact with Colfer. This meant […]

Red Bull World Drift James Deane ( Saturday )

James was flying today an managed a awesome first qualifying run with a score or 85 and 90 mph. His second run was not as good but his entry was 96 mph with a score of 76. He Qualified 16 in the world at only 17 years old. Here is a video of his second […]

Red Bull World Drift Long Beach CA ( Friday )

Today we suffered a bit form some technical problems caused by the heat. It was over 25 Deg C in the shade and the car was feeling it. The power steering fluid was boiling and causing a loss’s of power assisted steering. This was a worry with the wall so close at all times. So […]

Red Bull World Drift Championship

We we arrived on Wednesday night. Straight to the track for a quick look and while its big and fast the main part in front of judges is very narrow. Due to a customs delay and having to drive to the other side of LA to buy some E85 we did not get the car […]

Mike Deane Wins D-Rift Battle Round 5 & Championship

Today Mike Deane, James Deane’s Older bother and mentor won round 5 of the Drift Battle at Watergrass hill in cork. This win also gave him the championship. Mike’s SR Powered S13 had an all TDP built BIO Fuel engine and Turbo controlled by an OMEX 710 ecu supplied and Mapped on the DynaPack here […]