The ADR is a compact, robust logging device that records lateral, longitudinal and vertical chassis G-forces during an accident. Designed to the specifications of the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety, the data it generates can be used to gain a better understanding of the forces experienced in high impact collisions, and may assist with the medical assessment of drivers.

    Importantly, the ADR has now been included in the FIA Institute’s ADR Programme with MoTeC recognised as an official equipment supplier.

    Through this program, the FIA compiles international motorsport crash data, such as impact forces and resulting driver injuries, to analyse the effectiveness of vehicle and track safety systems. Our inclusion means that teams and category managers can confidently select the MoTeC ADR when the use of an FIA approved accident data recorder is mandatory or recommended, and the firmware can be customised if required.

    MoTeC’s ADR is a maintenance-free investment with an enduring life because it has no batteries and uses cyclic logging, so it is always ready to store data in the event of an impact, including data immediately prior to the trigger event. If vehicle power is lost, the ADR’s internal backup power takes over to keep the device recording.

    Trigger levels are configurable, and an external LED can be connected and fixed in a prominent position to alert first intervention personnel of a severe impact before the vehicle is reached. A flashing light, for example, may indicate to officials, even via TV cameras, that a G-force threshold has been exceeded and appropriate medical attention should be initiated.

    The ADR is a standalone device that can be used in isolation or in conjunction with other devices such as a GPS, Data Logger or ECU

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