Haltech DTM-4 CAN Dash adaptor cable. Female Deutsch DTM-2 to Male Deutsch DTM-4 Length: 2.4m (96″)


Part Number: HT-060201

Availability: 1 week

LENGTH: 2.4m (96″)
SUITS: Allows a direct Plug ‘n’ Play CAN connection of a Haltech IQ3 Street dash or Racepak Universal CAN Interface Module (HT-06-230-VM-EFIUCAN) with an Elite ECU CAN port, Elite ECU Harness CAN connector or mutiple CAN device installation using an Elite 4 Port CAN HUB.
NOTES: This is the also the most cost effective cable to modify when making your own CAN adaptor harness for your aftermarket EFI system that is not already supported by the range of Racepak CAN Dash adaptor cables. As supplied with Haltech Street dashes.

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