SVIM Versatile Input Module


    The Synchronous Versatile Input Module (SVIM) is a compact expander that works in conjunction with an ACL or ADL3 Data Logger to facilitate the synchronised logging of high speed, high resolution inputs.

    The SVIM acquires data of the highest integrity for use in advanced chassis and suspension analysis. It samples 18 inputs at the same instant in time using 18 separate converters with 5th order anti-aliasing filters.

    Multiple SVIMs are synchronised so that every SVIM in the vehicle samples its high resolution AV inputs at the same instant in time. This is important when looking at the relationships of signals collected from different sensors around the vehicle and is useful for test rigs and real time simulations.

    SVIMs are versatile in nature and can be located close to sensors, reducing the weight and complexity of wiring. When used in multiples, up to 200 sensor inputs are available. The SVIM supports many different types of sensors, including unamplified thermocouples and strain gauges.

    The SVIM is configured and controlled using the Data Logger Manager software, that has special programming functions for the SVIM. This will also automatically update the firmware version in the SVIM if necessary. The Data Logger communicates to the SVIM via the CAN bus.


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