Toyota 86 2012 EngSwap Feb 2016 (Package Only)


This targeted Package, used with an activated MoTeC M150 ECU, is a fully programmable replacement for the factory-fitted Toyota 86 ECU.

It is also compatible with Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S models from 2012 onward.

2018 Update

  • Firmware version 01.08.0003 [January 2017] for M150 – based on GPR Feb 2016.
  • Supports 2017+ Model Year variants with updated Fuel Pressure Direct sensor.
  • Flex Fuel and Dual Fuel support added.
  • 61264 Rev B adaptor loom suits early 2012-2016 and late 2017+ models.

All prices are exclusive of Irish VAT.  VAT is charged at 23% where applicable.