FIA Rallycross 2017 (Package Only)


MoTeC’s M1 Rallycross Package is designed for use with M150 ECUs. It is a versatile and adaptable platform for the operation of port-injected engines with strategies tailored specifically for Rallycross.

Configurable engine synchronisation modes accommodate most modern engine triggering systems.

MoTeC’s 2017 FIA Rallycross Package complies with FIA Article 279 – 2017, Technical Regulations for Rallycross Cars (see Regulation Compliance).

The Package incorporates many ancillary features such as anti-lag, driver switches (launch enable, boost trim etc.), knock control, launch control, chassis logging (steering), gearbox coolant pumps and boost control utilising turbo speed.

It offers full integration with other MoTeC products, including pre-defined CAN messaging for all current Display Loggers, Loggers, E888, V2, GPS, ADR, BR2, PDM, SLM, and the mandatory FIA data logger.

All prices are exclusive of Irish VAT.  VAT is charged at 23% where applicable.

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