TDP RBx Crank & Cam Trigger Kit


    The RBx Crank and Cam trigger kit was developed 15 years ago.

    Its primary purpose was to allow for higher accuracy “Engine position” compared to the regular Nissan ” CAS”.

    The Nissan “CAS” has problems for aftermarket engine management systems.

    1. The data rate of 360 pulses per engine cycle (720 degrees). Allot of ECU’s have trouble processing the data rate.
    2. Its mounted on the camshaft driven by a timing belt. The acceleration and deceleration of the camshaft form the valve springs can cause “Spark Scatter”
    3. High RPM belt harmonics also cause “Spark Scatter”
    4. Most “CAS” units are now 20+ years old and are failing to give a good signal.

    The kit comes with everything you see in the picture.

    It will fit all the RB engines.  RB20,  RB25,  RB26,  RB30.

    We require a donor front pulley for machining.