Here are a small selection of our customer’s testimonials based on work that we have carried out for them.

TDP the tuner you would recommend to a friend! I recently had my stroked VZ-R N1 tuned by robbie in TDP, My situation was a unique one where by no one in the country had successfully managed to tune this type of ECU and everywhere else I tried either hadn’t the time or weren’t interested. As it was new to robbie he requested that I leave the car to him, the man then spent a whopping 40 odd hours with it and made it work despite others claims that it wasn’t suitable and only charged me the original asking price that he would have to tune any other ecu that would only have taken a couple of hours, Throughout the whole process I was always kept in the loop and informed a lot of the time it was far outside working hours that he would return my e-mail nearly always within an hour either way. When the car was returned it was given back in the same condition I presented it in maybe a small thing to some but even if it isn’t worth much something that I would expect and I wasn’t left down. I was also given ideas on how to improve the car, It’s also worth mentioning that I had a mechanical issue in no way related to robbies work and he rang me and offered to be beside the phone on a sunday should I need assistance so the service doesn’t stop when your money is handed over either. My car will never see any work being done outside of TDP again as a result of the good service, attention to detail and experiance of robbie and the staff at TDP.
-Paul Cronin. Nissan Pulsar N1 Version2

“I can’t speak highly enough about the team in TDP.I have had the pleasure of getting work done on all of my cars since I first got into GTR skylines.I have a gtr 34 nur running over 700 bh with a v cam pro system that was fitted by Robbie and the team.This system is the only one in Ireland and one of few in Europe.I had no problem in asking Robbie to carrt out the work as I was in no doubt that Robbie and his team would be the best for the job .I would never even think of sending any of my cars anywhere else as I am 100% happy with Robbie and team TDP.”
– Ian O’Connell. 700bhp R34 GT-R V Spec II Nur road car, R33 GT-R road car, R32 GT-R track car.

“After a few bad expirences with other tuners I brought my car to TDP as it was not running well. After an inspection the problims where found and a plan was put in place to put the problims right. I was very happy with the end result and a good power figure but also left the car driveable for road use with 696bhp and 605ft lb. The after sales service and attension to detail was also spot on and I will be returning to TPD in the future for any work that needs doing to the car.
Easy to deal with and a sound bunch of lads that will go out of there way to help you out. ”
– Mervyn Murphy. 696bhp R33 GT-R road car.

“Regarding the Team at TDP my experience has been a great one. My R32 Skyline has had the full RB25 and gearbox conversion. The engine was rebuilt and mapped with an omex 700 ecu. The result 380bhp at the wheel on any road car is very respectable indeed. The staff have a wealth of knowledge & experience gained from building and racing these machines. If TDP put their name to it; its got to be 100%. They continue to maintain my car as I have found the service great in all aspects and am always happy driving away. For the service provided very reasonable too.”
– John Burke. R32 GTS-t Road Car

“Before i approached TDP, i was having engine and turbo problems with my car (GTR). TDP were quickly able to diagnose the problems, and advised me of the upgrade/repair options available to suit my budget.
The attention to detail during the whole of the engine build was exceptional, with detailed photograph’s and readings being taken and published.
The end result of the mapping was also very good and above my expectations. The torque and HP graph’s were smooth and linear showing the quality of the map.
The after sales service is excellent too and customers can benefit from sound advice, driving tips and possible future upgrades they may want to undertake.
The parts that TDP use, the in-house equipment that they have and the knowledge are among the best in the business and anyone with serious intentions of tuning their cars should seriously consider getting in touch with you.”
– Kevin Moran. R32 GT-R Road Car.

“After being to many different tuners in Ireland over the many years with various cars, i simply have not had the service from them as i get from TrackDay Performance. The wealth of knowledge that the team have is simply second to none in Ireland. Fantastic service and more importantly complete after sales support and full facilities on site to tackle anything from a small job to a full rebuild to custom fabrication. I have referred many people to and will continue to recommend”
– Simon Moore. R33 GTS-t Road Car

“I’m running a B18c ek civic in the Mondello time attack series and after chatting to Robbie I dropped the car with him between round 3 and 4 for a Motec ecu, which gave me an extra 18 bhp and also for a TDP brembo brake conversion. With these 2 bits I knocked huge time’s from my laps!! I was that impressed with the brembo brake set up I got them fitted on my 2006 Honda Accord euroR road car along with a set of tein coilovers before I took it to the Nurburgring!! I have recommended people to try TDP for themselves because the staff are friendly, the job is done when they say it will be and its done right!!!”
– Chris McConnon. B18 EK Civic Time Attack Car and Accord Euro-R Road Car.

“I have found Robbie and his staff at TDP very welcoming and professional in every aspect of the service they provide. The B18C engine in my Time Attack Honda Integra needed to be rebuilt at short notice and TDP got the job done and the aftercare was excellent. There is no doubt I will be returning for any further work needed on any car I own and would highly recommend TDP to anyone”
– Jimmy Hughes. Honda Integra Time Attack car and Vauxhall Nova Time Attack Car.

“Very happy with the engine building skills and attention to detail that TDP have given my car.The overall service and customer care is brilliant and they listened to my requirements and also gave me great advice too.Very happy to continue dealing with TDP and its staff.”
– Pat Doyle. Alfa Romeo 147 turbo and Alfa Romeo 147 Race Car.

“Installation of Hondata s300 ecu plus mapping for Maxol E5.
Great service and straight to the point.
Car went in, it was mapped and I went home happy & 17HP the richer !
I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t got their Japanese car mapped for Irish fuel to contact TDP.”
– Danny Meagher. Honda Torneo Euro R Road Car

“I have been a costomer of trackday performance for many years and had many different cars tuned and engines built they have a very good TEAM and serivece work is carried out to a very high standard.I am very pleased and will be caling again soon. thanks lads. ”
– Martin Conway. EVO IV Road Car and Honda Integra DC5 Road Car.

“TDP already came recommended , a fantastic local service, my Historic race car running on quad Webbers has been tuned on their hub dyno, performance both torque and HP have been improved. Many other services available such as Aluminium welding on fuel tanks, exhaust box repair etc. After recent work, we went to MGCC Live at Silverstone GP circuit and put the car on the outside of the front row out of 48 qualifiers, Robbie’s knowledge, ability and equipment are first class”
– Bernard Foley. Full Race MGB GT V8

“The service at tdp is prompt and highly professional. All work carried out was to a very high standard and above the call of duty.”
– Michael Meegan. R32 GTS-t Drift Car

“Got my power fc fitted and mapped @tdp and the results were excellent.Gained 45 bhp and 55 torque on a standard engine and the car is driving strong ever since.People there were friendly and knew what they were talking about.Would definatly reccommend them.”
– Diego Perrozzi. MR2 Turbo Road Car.

“After having a long hard think about different ECU options for my Skyline and numerous different tuners I opted to go with TrackDay Performance and buy a HKS Fcon IS. I know a few people with Skylines and they all use Robbie & Co at TDP so I decided this was my best option. I arrived at TDP on a Friday morning to get the work done and travelling from Kildare it was easier for me to hang around there and wait. The service offered while in the waiting room is fantastic and there is much to keep you entertained while you wait. When Robbie was finished Cathy came and explained the various graphs etc and what had been achieved which was great. I then spoke with Robbie about the session and what he had done and he explained everything to me in layman’s terms so that I could understand it. Having modified the car and not having mapped it as well the car was running extremely rich and was using an awful amount of petrol. Robbie produced a map which not only gave me power/torque figures (based on standard boost) that I was delighted with but also provided much more economy for daily driving.

I have and will continue to recommend TDP to anyone I know. The service and knowledge from Robbie and the gang is second to none in my experience and I am delighted that I chose TDP to map my car. When I proceed with upping the power TDP will be my first stop to discuss what options are available and what is the best route to proceed with.”
– Richie Cunningham. R33 GTS-t Road Car.

“I bought a Toyota Chaser from the Uk, it was very Highly Tuned and decided i wanted a new Map for Irish Fuel. I was recommended Robbie
at TDP from a friend so i made the trip up to him from Cork. I spent a full day at his premises while the car was being mapped and Rolling Roaded.
Robbie took his time with the Mapping, making sure everything was spot on and the car was not in any Danger. When he was finished he gave me
the Prinout and the car had made very impressive figures and at very safe boost. Id recommend Robbie at TDP to anyone, i will be returning again next year
for some more Work.”
– Charlie Geary – Prodrift Toyota Chaser

“I was having some bad fuel supply problems. After being told it was a boost problem by my local mechanics i decided to bring my car to TDP who found that it was a dodgy fuel pump (running lean). I was also having a new hks evs-s fitted along with the new walbro 255 fuel pump. The work didnt take to long and all was perfect again:) When they were telling me what was done i asked what i could do to the car next for bigger power gains and was advised in detail what to go for. Will be back for more work defo in time. Thanks to all there for the great work carried out”
– Paul Somers. Pulsar GTI-R