TDP Nissan Rear Kit

Nissan Rear Kit from


Here is a sneak preview of the *New* Nissan Rear Kit. 

This kit has some unique features to give more grip and traction than anything else that bolts on. Its all fully adjustable in place. Its light and super strong. The one kit fits S13/R32 and S14,15/R33,34.

Key Features:

0-40mm wider track.
Includes drive shaft spacers for track width increase.
3 shock mount positions for ride height adjust-ability. 
STD -20mm, -40mm
Adjustable Roll Center. 
Adjustable Toe Height.
Reduced camber gain under compression. 
Camber mount 75mm lower than standard.
Traction mount 78mm lower than standard.
Lower arm mount 55mm lower than standard ( Limited by wheel design )
Innovative trailing arm system. Massive grip under acceleration.
2 brake caliper positions.
Upright / Knuckle only 4KG !!!!!!!!!

For more information contact parts@tdp