TDP R-Body Front Kit

This is the kit that is used by Darren Kelly to win the D1NZ Pro Championship 2014/2015.

Well done Darren from all the team at TDP.

The R-body suspension kit is designed and manufactured solely by TrackDay Performance Ltd in Ireland. All parts are designed and manufactured on state of the art CNC machines and have to pass stringent quality control processes during manufacture. As quality is paramount to us we use expensive aerospace materials to ensure that the kit will be still working in many years to come. We have also designed the kit on a modular basis so that if a certain part becomes damaged it can be replaced at low cost.

R-Body Front Kit from
R-Body Front Kit from

Technical Specification
The main knuckles, brake calliper brackets, lower knuckle brackets and wishbones are CNC milled from billett 6082T651. This is a very high quality aerospace grade aluminium with very good mechanical strength and durability.
The main spindles are turned from heat treated and tempered EN24T. They are located by two shoulders and threaded into the knuckles. Each spindle is handed to ensure that the wheel rotational direction will not loosen the thread in the case of a bearing seizure or failure. They are fitted and torqued in a special Jig to 400 lbs/ft so they will not come loose.
The main track pins and steering pins are turned from aerospace 17/4ph H1150 stainless steel. This steel is incredibly stong and will not rust.
The in situe track & tension adjusters are made from 303 stainless steel.
The mounting blocks for the in situe adjusters are milled from aerospace 7075 T651 aluminium this is the strongest aluminium that you can get.
The top mount relocators are milled from billett 6082T651.The rod ends that we use and supply with the kits are all Fluro.

R-Body Front Kit from



















Advantages of the Kit are:

– Billet aerospace alloy knuckle and 1 piece lower wishbone with heat treated stainless steel spindles and shafts.
– Adjustable Ackerman angle from +/- 6 degrees @ 50 degrees lock. Max lock up to 70 degrees ( Wheel & Tyre dependant)
– Parallel steering on full lock possible.
– 90mm to 110mm Roll centre correction.
– No Bump steer what so ever. Correction is available for different set-ups.
– Nearly perfect camber on lock on both wheels.
– No front tyre scrub, No speed loss at up to 70 degrees drift angle.
– No need to move steering rack forward in the sub frame. ( not a problem if already done )
– Up to 70 degrees lock depending on wheel and tyre.
– Offset top mount that meets Prodrift and Formula D rules. Adjustable for other series also.
– Carry crazy angle while maintaining speed. 90 degrees to the track possible.
– Massive feedback from steering in car while drifting.
– Positive car control even at 60 degrees car angle. Turn the wheel more and the car will do it exactly no under steer. Even in the wet.
– No under steer at turn-in / initiation even or even using an aggressive clutch kick in the wet.

R-Body Front Kit from

Kit includes
2 CNC Heat Treated Aluminium billet machined 3 piece Knuckles with Heat Treated Stainless Steel spindles and direct fit Nissan 5 stud wheel bearings.   Nissan wheel bearings not included New bearings available at extra cost.
2 CNC Heat Treated Aluminium billet machined 1 piece lower wishbones. With in-situe adjusters for track/camber and tension/castor.
2 CNC Heat Treated Aluminium billet machined offset top mounts to suit your dampers.
2 Heavy duty tie rods with adjusters for Ackerman and outer rod ends for maximum adjustment.
All Bolts, Spacers, Washers, Rod Ends fixings, Install Instructions and Set-up suggestions.


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