370z Front Suspension System

Nissan 370z Front Suspension System from TDP.ie
Nissan 370z Front Suspension System from TDP.ie

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Key Features

  • Independent “track length adjustment” on bottom wishbone.
  • Independent “camber” adjustment. At wheel bearing centre line
  • Independent “castor” adjustment. On top wishbone
  • Independent king pin indignation” adjustment
  • Independent “steering axis angle” does not effect “camber”
  • Adjustable scrub radius control.
  • “TDP Castor Trail” for exception feedback to driver
  • “TDP adjustable Ackerman”
  • Completely CNC machined using heat treated aerospace aluminium
  • All pins and shafts are CNC made from heat treated stainless steel
  • All bearings are Fluro “spherical bearings”
  • The kit comes ready to fit with all parts included
  • It uses the original wheel bearing and retains the abs sensor