TDP Single lock conversion for Drifting / Racing

We have developed a new Kit for drift cars to allow for high speed wheel changes between runs. The new Kit will allow a 2 man pit crew to change the two back wheels of a drift car in less than 40 seconds.

All popular vehicles and wheels catered for.  Kit is designed around the Rota drift wheels

The Kit will include the following parts.

A pair of bolt on hub adapters minimum thickness 25mm. ( measured form the original hub face to the mating face on the wheel )

4 wheels modified to have correct center bore size and recess for locking washer. ( extra wheels modified at small extra cost per wheel ) Dose not stop wheels being bolted on as normal in future. ( Approx cost €30 per wheel )

3 Light weight wheel nuts.

2 safety clips.

2 Custom wheel nut socket.

All parts made form Aerospace high strength alloys. ( 6082 T651 & 7075 T6 )